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Video natječaj “Tanjur pun dobrote!” za EAThink učenike i one koji će to tek postati! ROK: 1.3.2017.

Još samo  nešto više od 2 tjedna ostalo je za prijavu na video natječaj za učenike “Tanjur pun dobrote!”

ROK ZA PRIJAVU: 1. ožujka 2017.

Informacije o natječaju i prijavi pronađite na…/croatian-video-natjecaj-za-ucenik…/, a za izradu videa inspirirajte se našim video pozivom za natječaj!


P.S. Ne zaboravite nam poslati poveznicu na video koji prijavljujete!

poziv za volontere: EVS Wroclaw, Poljska


Europska volonterska služba

Provedi  10 mjeseci u Wroclawu i učini nešto dobro  za okoliš!


Tema projekta: osmišljavanje i provedba ponude EkoCentrum-a

Naziv projekta: Creative youth in our environment

Datum aktivnosti: 01.04.2017. – 31.01.2018.

Trajanje: 10 mjeseci

Mjesto: Wroclaw, Poljska

Organizacija primatelj: Fundacja EkoRozwoju – FER

Rok za prijavu: 03.03.2017.

Organizacija traži više volontera!

O projektu:

The mission of Foundation for Sustainable Development (Fundacja EkoRozwoju – FER), one of the biggest in Poland non – government organization (NGO), is to support development in harmony with nature. We have been successfully trying to achieve this goal since 1991. Initially, our activities focused mainly on protection of water and river valleys. Over the years the range of our activities widened considerably including urban
Today, we do not only protect nature (e.g. roadside avenues and endangered species) but we also support social initiatives using natural values in a sustainable manner, promote innovation in the field of environmental protection and conduct educational activities directed to the officials, teachers, youth , adults and seniors. We carry out projects of
local, regional, national and international levels.
In autumn 2013 FER opened in Wroclaw Nadodrze, an “EkoCentrum” – unique in the country’s scale a center of environmental education. Not accidentally does it function in a place where major environmental problems are born which is in the heart of the city. Together with the inauguration of EkoCentrum our educational activities expanded to a permanent offer of classes and also took on a more holistic nature including global and anti-discrimination education. Today, in a permanent educational offer, we organize both indoor and outdoor activities. The classes of the Sustainable Development are focused on the sustainable use of natural resources, with particular emphasis on measures to reduce waste, reduction of energy consumption, promoting sustainable transport, responsible consumption, water conservation and climate change.

Tasks of volunteer:

Volunteers would be involved into creation and implementation of the EkoCentrum offer (open classes, meetings, workshops provided by FER and its partners) as well as assistance in current FER programs (environmental education, environmental campaigns, cooperation with local partners, etc). Volunteers would be also assisting in everyday work in the office. We are looking forward also for all ideas and initiatives undertaken by the
volunteers as long as they will meet our priorities and will help to create an interesting offer for the EkoCentrum.

The organisation needs a media team, an educational team and an environmental event team.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

  • Volunteers will live in the shared flat with other EVS volunteers. Possibly sharing room with other person /only if the same gender.
  • Volunteer will receive extra money for food expenses /circa 100 euro per month.
  • Volunteers will receive monthly card for public transport.
  • Health insurance is covered by the program.

Volunteer profile:

We would like to work with somebody who:

  • shares our values towards the environment
  • is proactive, educative with good communication skills and takes responsibility for what she or he is managing
  • has basic environmental knowledge (at least not denying climate change!) /natural science background would be an asset/
  • is well organized and self-directed
  • speaks communicative English

    Preferable additional skills:

  • Volunteers that have IT skills and are keen on basic graphic programs and web
    design and are familiar with filming, taking pictures, editing, processing
  • Volunteers who love to work with groups (children and adults) and have some
    experience in work with them, are keen on hadcrafts and/ or dancing, juggling, acrobatics, circus, sports and all sort of creative ways to use your body
    and mind
  • are ready to invent an interesting offer for workshop in EkoCentrum
    and put it into practice
  • like gardening and outdoor works

How to apply:

If you feel that you may match to our team and share the same values don’t hesitate and contact our Partner regarding your nationality. For Croatia: Udruga Žmergo, contact number: +385 51 271 459 or on email:

Please fill out the application form which you can get from our Partner from Croatia and send it to us by email, together with your CV. Successful candidates will be required to provide a hard copy signed with their signature.


Novi EVS volonteri u Udruzi Žmergo! / New EVS volunteers in Žmergo

Nakon što su Xavi, Robert i Noelia završili svoju Europsku volontersku službu i svoj boravak u Hrvatskoj, troje novih volontera stiglo je u Opatiji na 12 mjeseci, sudjelovati u raznim projektnim aktivnostima Udruge. Riječ je o Pauli i Davidu iz Španjolske te Yannu iz Francuske koji su pred nekoliko dana stigli u Opatiju. Pročitajte više o njima i njihovim razlozima o dolasku na EVS u Hrvatsku i Žmergo.

Udruga Žmergo četvrtu godinu za redom ugošćuje europske volontere u sklopu projekta EVS – Europski prijatelji za zelene trendove, koji traje od 01.01.2017. – 31.03.2018. u Opatiji.

Upoznajte Žmergove nove mlade volonterske snage!

Yann Hoffmann


“Hi, my name is Yann, I’m 25 year old and I come from France. I just joined the Zmergo organisation February 1st as an EVS volunteer for one year. Last year, I finished my studies in visual communication, this EVS project with Zmergo is exactly what I was looking for, a human and cultural experience which coincide with my skills. I believe taking care of our environment is important and helping the younger generation to adopt this consciousness is even more important.”


Paula Palacios

Paula profile picture“Bok! My name is Paula. I studied Advertising and Public Relations in the University of Seville, where I am from. I love photography and travelling, but mainly I love discovering new places, meeting new people and immersing myself in new cultures. Indeed, environmental issues and ecology is something I’ve always been interested in and concerned about. These two aspects (ecology and discovering a new culture) where perfectly combined in Zmergo Organization so I thought it was the best option since I had always wanted to volunteer and work to help for a good cause. I am really excited for this new experience and for becoming part of the Opatija community.”

David González Martín

David“Hello world! I am David González Martín. I come from beautiful Asturias, Spain. I like travelling, sports and knowing about other cultures. DIY-maker movement, learning and motorsport are my passion. I joined EVS in Zmergo because the possibilities of working in a team committed with environmental problems, cultural and earth sustainability where I can improve my skills and learn new ones together.”

Veronika Sukhacheva

From Galicia to Opatija… Noelia’s three months EVS in Opatija

These three months in Croatia have been an amazing experience. I have met interesting people from different parts of the world and, what is more important, some of them have become good friends. I have learnt more than I imagined I would do, not only in the professional field but also in the personal one. I have visited different cities in Croatia and other countries too. I have immersed myself in a new culture and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. Besides, I have learnt how to pronounce more than two consonants in a row in the same word (well, to be honest, I am still working on it). Looking back, I think I have been very lucky to share this experience with the Žmergo team and with the other volunteers I met here. Without them, the experience wouldn’t be so enriching so hvala!

    16229602_10209998151703268_296240226_o Continue reading From Galicia to Opatija… Noelia’s three months EVS in Opatija

Robert’s three months in Žmergo

My name is Robert and for the three months from 2016-11-01 to 2017-02-01 i was a volunteer in an Association called Žmergo, based in Opatija, Croatia.

How I decided to do an EVS? A few years ago before coming to Opatija, I participated in a Youth Exchange project in Limassol, Cyprus. That was the first time i have ever heard about Erasmus+ programs and EVS especially. The team there introduced me to the concept and from that very moment i knew that eventually i would apply and participate in such project. And that day came three years later, when i was working as a salesman in a top3 radio in Lithuania. I saw the possibility that they are inviting a person with some graphic and video experience, which i had, and i applied. The rest is history.

15723756_1545782405439033_5609433751668076362_o Continue reading Robert’s three months in Žmergo

My EVS year in Opatija… Xavi Mata Badenas

September ended and so my job contract. Barcelona was still hot, and after relaxing a couple of weeks, everything started over again. I didn’t have a job, I was not studying anything, I was feeling the pressure. Unemployment in Spain is high and the youth is not motivated either. Precisely. the same day I finished my contract, a friend came back from Croatia and visited me for some days. He did an EVS for a month in Murter island. He was very happy about it. EVS? I had another friend finishing his EVS in Croatia too. I got in touch with him, and everything went fast.. In February I was sitting in the Žmergo office in Opatija.

16215520_10212296248987876_12295041_n Continue reading My EVS year in Opatija… Xavi Mata Badenas

Došao je kraj volontiranja za Noeliju, Roberta i Xaviego…

Vrijeme prolazi jako brzo, a najbolje o tome znaju EVS volonteri… Prije godinu dana Xavi je došao iz Barcelone u Hrvatsku i počeo volontirati u Žmergu te živjeti u Opatiji… Noelia i Robert su se pridružili Žmergu nešto kasnije, pa  su u 11. mjesecu 2016. zajedno stvorili odličan tim koji je napravio odlične stvari! Svi su doprineli Žmergovim aktivnostima svojim radom, svojom kreativnošću, odličnim idejama i pozitivnom energijom. Njihov rad mogli ste pratiti na našim društvenim stranicama, a volontere osobno upoznati tijekom raznih aktivnosti i događaja u Opatiji i Rijeci. Nažalost, došao je kraj njihovog volontiranja, no ostaju lijepe uspomene i prijateljstvo koje će trajati godinama. Uvijek ćemo ih toplo dočekati u Opatiji… Hvala Vam za sve dragi volonteri i želimo Vam puno sreće u životu i Vašim planovima!

Continue reading Došao je kraj volontiranja za Noeliju, Roberta i Xaviego…


Učiteljice Ana i Marija o iskustvima 4-dnevne razmjene EAThink učitelja u Senegalu

Učiteljice Ane Grbčić i Marija Rončević sudjelovale su kao žmergove predstavnice kao partnera EAThink projekta za Hrvatsku, u 4-dnevnoj razmjeni obrazovnih metoda i iskustvenih nastavnih aktivnosti usmjerenih na promicanje obrazovanja za održivi razvoj u školama koja se održala u Dakru, glavnom gradu Senegala.


S kolegama učiteljima iz Portugala, Cipra, Francuske i Rumunjske imali su priliku predstaviti svoj angažman i sudjelovanje u projektu EAThink2015 – Jedi lokalno, misli globalno, razmjenjivati iskustva s europskim i afričkim kolegama i proširiti svoja znanja o alternativnim sustavima za proizvodnju hrane u zemljama u razvoju.

Čitajte seriju od 5 postova o njihovim dojmovima i iskustvima na blogu projekta EAThink2015 koje ćemo objavljivati svakodnevno ovaj tjedan, a zanimljive fotografije pogledajte u Facebook albumu.