Volite li umjetnost i kazalište? Volontirajte u Španjolskoj!

evsLOGOLong-term EVS in Spain

Place: Logroño, La Rioja (Spain).

Dates of the service: from the 01/09/2015 till the 30/06/2016 (10 months)

Application deadline: 06/04/2015

Participating volunteers receive free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money for the whole period of the project. Travel costs are partially covered.

Organization from Spain offers a programme of work and activities to be developed by the volunteers related to the theatre and drama field at any level including:

a) English theatre: teaching children how to use theatre and handicrafts to tell stories and make their own games and learning materials but using always English as a communication tool. The role of the volunteer during this activity would be to be part of the team of trainers and local volunteers on:

– preparing the workshops and spaces to implement them.

– developing new learning materials and teaching techniques.

– managing the groups of children (campaigns to recruit new children, registration, design of timetables and activity programmes, parents information sessions, etc.).

– running the workshops in a second language with the children.

– evaluating the workshops and helping to report the activity.

– any kind of tasks related to these workshops and the management of their participants.

b) one-time activities like theatre festivals, public performances, Christmas parades, travels to other cities, cultural events, exhibitions, etc.

c) supporting the team of the organisation on those tasks related to the general management of the association: visibility and dissemination campaigns, recruitment of new members and registration, maintenance of the blog and social networks, regular administration tasks, etc.

For more details and application, please contact yia.zmergo@gmail.com

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