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Two calls for EVS volunteers in Pesaro, Italy

Deadline for application : 19th April 2015

1) Dates: 6 evsLOGOor 10 months (from August 2015)

Place: Pesaro, Italy

Description of activities: The volunteer can take part to the activities organised by the local Red Cross in 6 different areas, as support staff of local red cross volunteers and professionals:

– social and cultural entertainment activities for kids: entertainment clowning support with kids in hospital, to give them relief during their time in hospital

– social and cultural entertainment activities in rest homes for eldery people

– food distribution activities: On daily basis will take part to distribution of food to the poor families, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pesaro, in a long term perspective of personal support.

– information and awareness campaigns: meetings with students and organising prevention and intervention workshops about different topics and issues (first aid, drug and alcohol abuse, prevention of diseases…)

– press office support: support in the realisation of media products, information press campaigns, to spread the values and activities realised by Red Cross.

– fundraising office support: support in the fundraising campaigns preparation and realisation, as the annual charity event.


2) Dates: 6 months (From August 2015)

Place: Pesaro, Italy

Description: The volunteer will participate actively in the association activities according to her/his needs and interests without the need of previous experiences, competences and skills as the main aim is the volunteer personal development.


– join the staff on spreading information activities about Europe and Youth in Action Programme through lectures and meeting with youngsters within association office or during informative events.

– take part to local workshops and projects on intercultural dimension, empower of young
people or inclusion activities.

– use the media (like making videos, blog, etc.) and the social networks to spread information

Participating volunteers receive free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money for the whole period of the project. Travel costs are partially covered.

For more details and application, please contact yia.zmergo@gmail.com

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