“Plastic for Fabric” workshop with ESN Rijeka

“Plastic for Fabric” was an event that our EVS volunteers Paula and David (both from Spain) organized together with ESN Rijeka (Erasmus Student Network) for international students last November 25th in Rijeka.

In this workshop, our EVS volunteers taugh the participants how to recycle plastic bags in order to turn them into matresses for dogs in the local dog shelter. All the participants brought tones of plastic bags from home and got crafty in order to help the environment and the dogs, and we are really proud of them!

These are some of their testimonies:

Lizzie (UK)

I really enjoyed this workshop as I’ve never done anything like this, it’s a refreshing way to recycle and can help lots of people and animals. The amount of plastic bags we had was much more than everyone expected. We should definitely do more activities like this to reuse plastic in a way that is beneficial.

Pietro (Italy)

I have always paid a lot of attention to the environment but I never did something like that. At the same time I had the possibility to do something useful for the environment and for other people. So I recommend this experience to people who want to spend their time in a fun, useful and productive way!

MichaŁ (Poland) 

I was aware that our enviroment needs our help, yet until now I thought I am powerless and can’t actually help. Thanks to this event I understood that all we need is to make progress little by little with everyday work.

Dora (Croatia)

The event was great. It was something new and interesting. I loved the idea and it was nice to spend time with great people from many different countries. It was so nice to see everyone positive and working together and helping each other out.

Asia (Poland)

I came to Plastic for Fabric event because I wanted to obtain more information about recycling and fortunately I figure out not only how important this issue is nowadays, but also how easily I can help our environment by just taking my own fabric bag to buy my groceries.

Fanny (France)

Taking part in this event made me realise how much plastic I use in my daily life. Repurposing it into mattresses or blankets is definitely a great idea, but I’m also thinking about refusing plastic bags at stores, using them as much as I can at home. It’s an awesome idea to raise awareness around that nowadays very common object that anybody uses.

We give special thanks to ESN Rijeka to make this event possible and to all the participants for their time and work. This is the proof that each one of us is not powerless when it comes to help the environment, but that the change in a community starts in EACH ONE OF US and one person can really make a difference.

P.S. For those who would also like to try and do the same at home, you can follow this easy youtube tutorial: