Linino EVS iskustvo u Žmergu

Dok privodimo kraju dva EVS projekta, dijelimo s vama iskustvo volonterke koja je u njima sudjelovala. Riječ je o Lini Krivickaite iz Litve. Lina je u volonterskoj službi u sklopu Žmergovog projekta Sustainability in environmental activism on cultural topics – SEact, financiranog od strane Agencije za mobilnosti program EU, a u sklopu programa Erasmus+, u Opatiji provela 8 i pol mjeseci.

LINA: “I am glad I had so many things to overcome, because if it was easy, I wouldn’t be this proud of myself at the moment.”

About a year ago, I sent my volunteering application to Udruga Žmergo, an environmental organization based in Opatija Croatia. Unfortunately, the volunteers were already selected and at that time I was about to go to Czech Republic for my internship so I went there without a plan what I would do afterwards. However, on my very last day there, I received an email from my then future hosting organization again with an offer to come for another project called “Sustainability in environmental activism on cultural topics” which got a green light. I just had to come in 10 ten days. For half a year. After considering about it for a day or two, I decided to sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure and haven’t regretted my choice ever since. So, my journey started on 1st of February and ended up on 17th of September.

As it was more of on-a-spot decision, I did not have much time to neither build up high expectations nor get too scared to go. I was just looking forwards to this new experience. And I got so much of it, way more than I could ever imagine before going. Even if I had had time to imagine.

I was working in an organization with 5 locals and 5 volunteers from Spain, France, the Netherlands and Latvia, so it was a really multicultural environment. Together we were mostly working on events and their preparation. We had events with kids, teenagers; we had cleanups, promo events for cleanups, EVS presentations… a lot of them, mostly about environment. My favorite ones were with kids, when we were educating them about recycling in creative, fun, game-based ways.

Separately, I was mostly working with another volunteer on social media. We were making a media plan for several campaigns, planning posts, creating content for it. I loved filming Zero Waste videos: we were coming up with ZW ideas, filming them and the best part – applying them in our daily life. I am very happy that I brought a lot of green ideas and eco thoughts with me back home. I hope to keep continuing on walking through this path on sustainability, because although I learnt a lot, there are still many ways where I can improve. Being conscious on this topic – is one of the things I am most happy about to get from my EVS.

Another one is people. I had a chance to meet many good people, learn a lot from them by simply commuting, get acquainted with their cultures, traditions… try various traditional foods, both Croatian and those from countries of other volunteers. I also met and befriended some locals, which helped me to better understand local community’s reality, history and culture, which is very interesting and rich.

Of course, I would lie if I said that everything was perfect.”

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