Association Žmergo

……….aims to preserve the environment, protect natural and cultural heritage and promote sustainable development ….

….. Žmergo’s  activities have an impact on improvement of better quality of life in environmental as well as in cultural and educative terms…..

….. Žmergo is founded in 1994 under the name Eco group Žmergo by the local environmental activists from Opatija…..

Do you know what is Žmergo  ?

Žmergo is a name for cormorant in the local dialect !

For many years now, Žmergo has been encouraging the citizens to participate in making   important decisions about the environment at the local level and engages in implementation of projects at the national level. By communicating and linking with foreign activists and exchanging ideas and launching actions Žmergo has been proactively contributing to positive changes in the society, addressing  the current environmental issues as well as promoting the significance of the cultural heritage.

Žmergo is the mastermind behind proclaiming the Mt. Učka massive  Učka Nature Park

…Žmergo has educated many generations of primary and secondary school students and university students from Opatija and other parts of the country by introducing them to various environmental issues and the possibilities of solving them….

…in 1998 Žmergo joins the Green Telephone network and still operates trough it…

….the manual Let’s Reduce Organic Waste – Lets Compost was the 1st prize Winner in competition organized by The Austrian Society for the Environment and Technology (OGUT) from Wienna….

… newsletter Fermaj, the laboratory of environmental and art and culture topics from 1996 to 2003 was issued in printed form and today comes out in electronic form

Current actions:

as part of a global movement Let’s do it! and Cleanup Action – World Cleanup 2012 and 2013