Paths for new belongings

This training course has been dedicated to youth workers and NGO representatives who primarily work with young people from a non-EU immigration background at local level in the European Union. The purpose  was to enhance the skills and knowledge of multipliers on how to use creative methods in the context of active participation and European Citizenship.

The EU has been developing an increasing number of policy initiatives in the field of immigration and integration. Nevertheless various polls show that young people with a non-EU immigration biography often feel personally not being involved in this process due to various reasons, be it social, political or simply personal. This results in formation of parallel societies followed by social exclusion. In such a social hierarchy those young people are the first who lose the global game and fall deeper into hopelessness.

How is it possible to increase the level of interest among young people with a non-EU immigration biography on what happens around them; in their local society as well as in Europe? How to empower those young people becoming responsible European citizens and to actively contribute to civic life in their local societies?

This training course had an innovative and creative approach. Here we planned to show and develop ways and enhance the skills of youth workers on how to attract young people’s awareness about European issues as something which facilitates and doesn’t force integration through methods such as theatre and music.

The objectives of this Training course were:

– Exploring and understanding Europe and European values as a challenge for young people with a non-EU biography;

– fostering greater understanding on immigration and identity in European context;

– Highlighting the sense of personal responsibility and sensitivity as youth workers in this context;

– Raising inner awareness on citizenship (rights and responsibilities);

– providing skills and tools to work on citizenship by using creative methods with youngsters;

– promoting YOUTH IN ACTION programme as tools for future cooperation among youth NGO`s in this field;

– Contact making among youth workers / NGO’s in order to create a basis for future action 1 (youth exchange / Democracy) projects