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12 Tips to SAVE the environment

We have all heard about the climate change and its horrible consequences. We normally feel useless and powerless to fight against it, but the truth is that every single one of us has a massive power and can really make a difference.  By making some easy changes in our daily life we can certainly help to save the environment.

#1 Use your car less. Walk, use your bike or public transport and if you really need to use your car, make an agreement with more people to share it. Websites like Blablacar are really useful for this.

#2 Minimize flying. When you can, use trains or buses instead of planes and when you really need to flight because of long distances try to look for direct flights.

#3 Watch the water. Simple gestures can save a lot of water and money: close the tap when you’re not using the water (while brushing your teeth, lathering your hair, etc), fix that leaky toilet, shorten your shower time, use dishwasher and washing machine when full, etc.

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“Plastic for Fabric” workshop with ESN Rijeka

“Plastic for Fabric” was an event that our EVS volunteers Paula and David (both from Spain) organized together with ESN Rijeka (Erasmus Student Network) for international students last November 25th in Rijeka.

In this workshop, our EVS volunteers taugh the participants how to recycle plastic bags in order to turn them into matresses for dogs in the local dog shelter. All the participants brought tones of plastic bags from home and got crafty in order to help the environment and the dogs, and we are really proud of them!

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