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Prilika za volontiranje u Prilepu, Makedonija

Dragi svi,

u nastavku pogledajte poziv za EVS volontiranje u Makedoniji od veljače do studenog ove godine. Ukoliko ste zainteresirani, javite se na erasmus@zmergo.hr odnosno na dolje navedenu adresu kako biste kontaktirali hosting organizaciju.


I am writing on behalf of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA from Macedonia. We have one open place for Croatian EVS volunteer in Prilep, Macedonia for already approved EVS project. This is a group EVS project for volunteers from France, Bulgaria and Croatia.

We give a great chance to young people to explore Macedonia and be part of an active youth organization for 10 months. The volunteer will be engaged in the daily work in the Youth Information Center INFO SEGA and will implement different creative activities with youth and kids in local high and primary schools in Prilep.

Here are more information about the project:

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